How to make a difference

Lighting consumes 19% of all globally produced electricity. The production of energy emits green house gases in the atmosphere.

What is green house gas?

Artificial lighting uses a big chunk of our planets energy resources which makes it  one of the major causes of global warming. Very often light is installed and used the wrong way, resulting in a waste of energy.

IN-Lite commits itself to finding the optimum lighting solution for every thinkable situation. In all our solutions we will optimize the balance between energy consumption and lighting results

Since its foundation in 2006 IN-Lite has planned and supplied lighting to over 300 projects in the Middle East. We have proven that lighting can be creative, inspirational, comfortable and energy efficient at the same time.

We feel fortunate to be operating in an industry that can make a major difference in global green house gas emissions. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint caused by artificial lighting through our projects.

IN-Lite's Green Scheme; give back to the planet

IN-Lite supports foundations that fight global warming. One way of fighting global warming is to plant more trees. One mature tree consumes 20,300g of CO2 per year and gives back oxyen to the atmosphere. IN-Lite is supporting the ‘Plant a tree today Foundation.

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