What is green house gas?

Climate change, or global warming is the result of a build up of greenhouse gases (GHG), basically carbon dioxide-CO2, in the atmosphere. GHGs serve to trap the suns heat in the earth’s atmosphere, forming the ‘greenhouse effect’ – a natural phenomena that keeps the earth warm. However, when the concentration of GHGs gets too large, and the earth’s equilibrium gets out of balance, we experience a dangerous rise in temperatures, which can result in severe and extreme weather conditions. In effect, earth’s blanket thickens and our atmosphere absorbs and holds more heat than it radiates back. This could directly affect rainfall, flooding and droughts, agriculture, economies, health and biosecurity.

Lighting consumes 19% of all globally produced electricity. Unfortunately we can conclude that artificial lighting is one of the major causes of global warming. IN-Lite is aware of this effect that lighting has on our planet. And we feel fortunate to be able to take our responsibility and make a major difference. We do this by selecting the most energy saving solutions for the projects that we design and supply, in this way IN-Lite has already proven that sustainable designs does not mean a lack of light or atmosphere. It is just being passionate and careful in how to utilize lighting.

Source : CIE press release July 2007, commission d' eclarage international.