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IN-Lite - newsletter 01 2006
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Lighting for wellness

For wellness projects lighting is very important. Lighting influences our senses and the way we feel. Lighting can create the right ambience and guide people through a space.

This newsletter shows the results for a recently completed Wellness project by IN-Lite, the Balance Spa in Oasis Mall.

Light Atmosphere
IN-Lite created a tranquil atmosphere with a subtle lighting scheme for the Balance Spa in Oasis mall. Almost all lighting is hidden from view, only the decorative lighting serves as eye catching element.

The lighting did not only look good, it also had to withstand the high temperature and humid conditions in some of treatment rooms. Waterproof rating and good looks had to be combined.

spacer Balance Spa in Oasis Mall


Project Summertown

Lighting palette

The decorative lighting selection had to support the interior design of the Spa.
Some examples of products that were used:
Leucos glass sculpture spacer Project Summertown
Other lighting products for this project are: IN-Lite waterproof spots, Flos wall washers, TrioLight led strips, One World decorative standing lights.

Balance Spa in Oasis Mall

Recognition and projects

Since its foundation in 2006 IN-Lite has designed and supplied lighting to over 600 projects in the Middle East. We have proven that lighting can be creative, inspirational, comfortable and energy efficient at the same time. A good light plan and the right product choices can save a lot of money in maintenance and energy consumption. IN-Lite is the right partner when it comes to lighting.

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