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IN-Lite - newsletter 01 2006

     LEED GOLD case study

IN-lite's green goal
How can lighting make a difference?

Taking Responsibility
Lighting consumes 19%* of all globally produced electricity. Unfortunately we can conclude that artificial lighting is one of the major causes of global warming. IN-Lite is aware of this effect that lighting has on our planet. And we feel fortunate to be able to take our responsibility and make a major difference.

IN-Lite does this by selecting the most energy saving solutions for the projects that we design and supply. In this way IN-Lite has already proven that sustainable designs does not mean a lack of light or atmosphere. It is just being passionate and careful in how to utilize lighting.

* Source : CIE press release July 2007,
commission d'eclarage international

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Project Summertown spacer Global warming because
of Green House Gas

What is green house gas? Climate change,
or global warming is the result of a build up of greenhouse gases (GHG), basically carbon dioxide-CO2, in the atmosphere. GHGs serve to trap the suns heat in the earth's atmosphere, forming the 'greenhouse effect' – a natural phenomena that keeps the earth warm. However, when the concentration of GHGs gets too large, and the earth's equilibrium gets out of balance, we experience a dangerous rise in temperatures, which can result in severe and extreme weather conditions. In effect, earth's blanket thickens and our atmosphere absorbs and holds more heat than it radiates back. This could directly affect rainfall, flooding and droughts, agriculture, economies, health and biosecurity.

Recognition and projects

Since its foundation in 2006 IN-Lite has planned and supplied lighting to over 450 projects in the Middle East. We have proven that lighting can be creative, inspirational, comfortable and energy efficient at the same time. A good light plan and the right product choices can save a lot of money in maintenance and energy consumption. IN-Lite is the right partner when it comes to lighting. This newsletter highlights one of our LEED GOLD designed interior lighting projects.

Project:   Head Quarters
Summertown interiors
Jebel Ali, Dubai
Client:   Summertown Interiors
Result:   LEED GOLD Energy consumption for lighting: less than 7W/m2

This showroom has become a 'best practice' example of energy efficient and sustainable building design. IN-Lite provided a design that supports people in the most pleasant and sustainable way, with a lighting power load less than 7W per sq. m. The final result is an office and showroom building with Leed Gold status.
spacer Project Summertown
Project Summertown   In the meeting room, a special table with integrated lighting has been installed with an equal-sized, stretched fabric ceiling directly above, supported with LED accent lights.
The lighting is dimmable, so it can be adjusted according to need. Moreover the diffused light output of the stretched fabric ceiling allows for a shadow-less review of interior layout plans displayed during client meetings.
IN-Lite's designers used visual tricks to achieve a pleasant atmosphere like emphasizing vertical illumination, and creating daylight effects with artificial light, like the coves in the hallways.

For the office lighting, daylight dimmable and highly efficient fluorescent pendant lights were used.

Lighting brands used:
IN-Lite, Dark, Luceplan, Osram, Intra, XAL, Lighting Science Group, Ares.
  Project Summertown


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Working for IN-Lite? 

IN-Lite currently has the following vacancy:
IN-Lite is expanding and is looking for a Sales Support Back Office member to join the team.

As a member of the Sales Support Back Office team you have to be a self starter and have a pro-active personality who is willing to go the extra mile. It is an advantage to have experience in the field of lighting and fixtures, but it is not essential. Most importantly you should display the personal skills listed above, backed up with a good and proper training. Many sales support staff members go on to be successful sales executives. Read more

If you see yourself in this advert, than please email your CV to the Human Resources department to Mrs. Judith Segura (HR Specialist)


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